Beechtree Capital, LLC was established by George Weiss over 30 years ago during his  efforts to develop Bowen Smith Corp., the country’s first independent wireless radio communication tower company which became the predecessor of American Tower Corp. Mr. Weiss organized the initial financing and organization of the firm. He supervised numerous successive financings after which the company grew from an equity investment of $500,000 in 1988 with institutional and subordinated debt of $7.8 million into today’s company, which enjoys a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) value of over $80 billion.

Since then, Beechtree Capital and related investors have provided equity and debt investments in over 120 transactions involving more than 30 emerging companies. Total equity funding for these firms has exceeded $600 million and total debt exceeds well over $1 billion. All debt has been timely repaid, and equity investments have a realized and expected-to-be-realized value considerably greater than peer investments.

Beechtree Capital has provided investment and advisory services to numerous emerging and mature venture-backed firms in various fields. As an advisor with intensive independence and long-time entrepreneurial and venture capital experience, Beechtree Capital is able to quickly assess a situation and to help formulate strategies for success within an ever-changing marketplace. Beechtree Capital’s primary reason for its successful results over 30+ years is its ability to recognize and build pioneering companies in growth industries and the close and consistent working partnership it develops with entrepreneurs and management teams who demonstrate early outstanding leadership capabilities. The partnerships formed are basic to Beechtree’s values. Through a team-oriented management approach, Beechtree applies broad financial and legal experience, venture knowledge and personal connections and methodologies to succeed in the face of varying business challenges. In the transactions where Beechtree has been the lead investor and/or provided active board of directors leadership, it and related investors have succeeded in over 60% of their investments with greater than a 300% return on capital.

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